About Me

Hi there, I'm Cirus - a 33-year-old stay-at-home dad to three crazy kids and a tiny, smelly dog. But that's not all that defines me. I'm also a full-time content creator on Kick.com, Twitter.com, Tiktok.com, and YouTube.com. While I primarily play first-person shooter games live on Kick.com, I'd much rather be in the "just chatting" category forever. Why? Because connecting with my community and meeting new people from around the world is what inspired me to become a content creator in the first place!

I know there are thousands of other streamers out there just like me, but what sets me apart? Well, let's just say that nobody can fail quite like I can. My gaming skills are hilariously mediocre - slightly above average, but not quite enough to be considered a pro. But that's okay, because my fumbles are what make my content so pleasantly amusing. Watching me play is like watching a group of baby ducks run on a sheet of ice - it's a fumble-fest, but with style.

But it's not just my gaming skills that make me unique. I'm also funny, relatable, and welcoming to all groups and all travelers who find themselves in my chat or comment section. I'm supportive and entertaining, which is huge for a guy like me - after all, Mama always told me I had a face for radio!

So if you're looking for a content creator who is entertaining, funny, and relatable, then look no further than Cirus. I may not be the best gamer out there, but I'll make you laugh and feel right at home in my community.


Schedule subject to change. Stay up to date by following twitter or joining the discord