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Purple Pumpkin Alerts

These are some seriously flashy alerts to showcase your community engagement! Purple pumpkins flashy text and smooth animations! A perfect fit for your spooky season streams! Totally free just Tag me on twitter with clips of them in actions!

Seriously Spooky Cam

This one is my personal favorite! I was going to save this for my own use but figured id share it with you! Multiple layers of animation and hand drawn effects create the PERFECT spooky season cam border!

Click download - right click - save as

Spooky Starting screen

Spooky season is upon us! time to bust out your favorite dark and gloomy animations! Try this starting screen on for size! featuring rain a dark alley and a shadowy figure in the background this should fit right in with the rest of your scary overlays! Pair this with a countdown script built into obs and you are ready set go!

Click download - right click - save as

Spooky Starting screen 2

Another Dark and spooky starting screen thats absolutely free! 3 dark hooded figures POP over a scary wooded setting! multiple layers to this one sure to catch any viewers eye! matched with a cowndown script built into obs this is sure to build the hype for jump scares this spooky season!

Click download - right click - save as

DigitalVibes Starting Screen

Got a tech vibe or a synthwave feel in your current setup? why not add to the flavor and spice up the starting sequence? This seamless loop is sure to make your starting screen POP.

Click download - right click - save as

Rounded Edge Overlay

Enhance your streaming experience with our stunning rounded rectangle mask and overlay package. Elevate your stream's aesthetics with a sleek and modern design, complete with subtle animations and dynamic, smoothly fading live text. We've got you covered with all the essential files included, making it easier than ever to level up your streaming game!

C0d3r CAM - overlay

Sleek blue purple with a grungy circuit board effect that will make your camera POP. Paired with hi contrast recents text that will really stand out from the pack
(click download and right click save as)

Cirus's Sub Counter

Elevate your streaming experience with Cirus's Sub Counter – the ultimate companion for content creators who thrive on interaction and engagement. Seamlessly integrate this powerful tool into your live streams, effortlessly tracking your subscriber milestones and enhancing viewer interaction like never before.

Elegant Blue Stream Panels

An elegant blue on grey gradient perfect fit for ANY channel. 100% free from me to you for your stream!

Cinematic Luts

High quality refined cinematic luts for post production and live stream use! 100% free

PokePixel Emote Pack

20+ adorable Pokemon pixel style emotes. Free fair use!